LEA 360 Feedback

The LEA 360™ (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis)  is one of the world’s most highly regarded leadership profiles. It is a sophisticated psychometric instrument  based on an assessment of your leadership behaviours.  LEA 360™  has a  unique scoring system which guarantees objective data, it is designed based on an excellent leadership model and 30 years of research data with global norm groups.


The LEA 360 Feedback evaluate your leadership effectiveness in terms of 22 behavioural characteristics, these 22 characteristics are divided into 6 categories:

  • Creating A Vision
  • Developing Followers
  • Implementing The Vision
  • Following Through
  • Achieving Results
  • Team Playing


By taking the assessment, you can generate development reports for the below purposes:


For leadership development:

LEA™ Self Report show your leadership profile by describing your potential assets and liabilities and a suggested development plan.
LEA 360™ Report show how others perceive your leadership effectiveness in the workplace. It describes how others see your potential assets and liabilities and gives suggested development plans from each observer group. The observer group includes (your boss, peers and direct reports)
LEA™ Coaching Report is specially designed for an executive coach. It describes the candidate’s assets and potential challenges. This report provides suggestions for further coaching.


Talent management & Recruitment:

LEA™ Candidate Report (for hiring) is a report specially designed for a HR manager. It describes the candidate’s assets and potential challenges. Questions will be generated for interview purposes.


Organizational Development, Leadership Culture and  Team-building : 

Strategic Directions Composite Report is a report for deciding on a desired leadership profile for the future. It is highly valuable when a company is faced with new business challenges. A consultation process called Strategic Directions™ will be conducted.


Role Expectations Composite Report is generated by a consultation process called Role Expectations™. The report  describes the present requirement for the role and the desired profile for an existing leadership position.


LEA 360™ Composite Report is generated by compiling the LEA 360™ Reports from each member of a leadership team (for example).