Facet 5

Introduction of Facet5 

Facet5 was developed by Australian Psychologist Mr. Norman Buckley in more than 30 years. Executives Coaches, HR professionals and Talent Management Experts in over 60 countries widely employed this scientific and comprehensive psychometric assessment for developing their top tiers and talents. Facet 5 was built on robust scientific model and research, it was based on the current internationally recognized BIG 5 model of human personality and work behaviors. It is a Norm based psychometric assessment. Facet5 has a large number of norm groups for comparative purposes and It has good reliability and validity.





  • 30 years of research by Psychologist 
  • Norm based personality assessment with high reliability &validity 
  • Developed based on internationally recognized BIG 5 personality model
  • Certified by British Psychological  Society and Australian Psychological Society 


Facet5 Applications

Facet5 was widely employed by HR professionals, Executive Coaches and Talent Management Experts for the below purposes:

  • Talent Recruitment and Selection
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building & Team Culture Development
  • Organizational Change Development



Facet5 Talent Management Solution
Facet5 can be divided into 3 main categories and 6 types of reports, HR professionals and coaches can leverage on the report data fro designing their unique Talent Management Program. It is an integrated talent management system that can support the Entire Talent Management Cycle, the reports can be produced in 30 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese.


Talent Acquisition & Selection (Role Survey, Candidate Comparison, Interview Guide)



Talent Development (Factor Profile, Searchlight, Work preference , Leading Edge)



Team Alignment & Development (Individual Team Scape, Group Team Scape for exploring team dynamics)


What does Facet5 measure?

It measures 5 deep rooted, sustainable, consistent foundation personality factors and 13 sub-factors ( or traits) in a person

• Will (Determination, Confrontation, Independence)
• Energy (Vitality, Sociability, Adaptability)
• Affection (Altruism, Support, Trust)
• Control (Discipline, Responsibility)
• Emotionality (Tension, Apprehension)

The above 13 factors can help you to understand a person’s

• Personality dispositions & Behavioral inclinations, strengths & potential limitations
• Intrinsic motivation and causes to frustration at work
• Key work competencies, strengths & potential limitations
• Stress vulnerability and reaction



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