Trainers / Coaches


Patrick is a seasoned MBTI trainer & executive coach in Hong Kong, he has offered MBTI training, coaching and consulting to his clients in the area of team building, career coaching, executive coaching and leadership development. He also assisted HR directors and professionals of listed companies in developing their talent management programs by integrating the MBTI, Facet 5 and LEA (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis) psychometric instrument.

Patrick’s training approach is interactive, reflective and dynamic; he is strong in facilitating his training in the format of role-play, games and activities. He emphasizes the experiential learning approach that creates great learning impact and high retention of learning for his clients.

Patrick is also an experienced executive coach based in Hong Kong. He specializes in applying the assessment instruments such as (MBTI, Facet5 , LEA 360) in his coaching. He coaches senior executives (CIO, CEO, Regional Directors), business owners and professionals in the area of leadership , career transition and communication. His coaching approach is reflective and direct.

Patrick has received more than 300 hours of formal coach training from Coach U, WABC and the Graduate School of Coaching from Coachville. Since 1997, Patrick has followed many inspirational mentors and world-class trainers in studying the latest human development technology such as (NLP, MBTI, Facet5, LEA 360 Feedback, Corporate Coaching, Business Coaching and Life Coaching, DISC profile, Enneagram). These inspirational mentors included; Judith Delozier (NLP co-founder), Stephen G. Gilligan, Robert McDonald, Ed Reese, Maryann Reese, Shelle Rose Charvet, Tim Hallborn, Suzi Smith, Joseph O’Connor, Steve Andreas (NLP Comprehensive), Steve Lanton, Dr. Jan Elfline (Coach U).

Since 2007, Patrick has taken up the positions as Marketing VP and Finance Director of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC), the biggest coaching association in Hong Kong.  He is passionate in promoting coaching culture in the Chinese community; therefore, he has been frequently invited as the guest speakers in the topics of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development for executives and business owners.  He has been the part time lecturer for the courses of Professional Coaching” and “MBTI” in the Chinese University CUSCS. Patrick was accredited consultants of MBTI, Facet 5 and LEA 360  Feedback (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis)  Assessment Tool. He speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Professional Qualification and Alliance

  • Certified MBTI Consultant of CPP Asia Pacific
  • Certified Facet 5 Consultant and Coach
  • Certified LEA 360 (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis) Consultant of MRG (Management Research Group)
  • Certified Business Coach (IMT)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Practitioner (NLP University)
  • Part Time Instructor of Professional Coaching of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Part Time Instructor of MBTI for Career Direction of Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • VP of Marketing (HKICC)
  • VP of Research & Development (HKICC)
  • Director of Finance – Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC)
  • Professional Member of HKICC
  • Hong Kong Coaching Outreach (Organizer)
  • Co-Founder of Coaching Café Hong Kong
  • Jumpstart Interns Coach
  • Co-Founder of Talent Innovation Social Enterprise